Technology is revolutionizing the business world. For instance, with a shared secret VPN Mac, you can remotely access your workplace data using your Apple device. What does that mean? People do not need to be in an office to work. If it were not for such technologies, ‘work from home ‘concept would not be in our vocabulary. There is more to it. The CEO does not have to fly overseas from a business meeting to be able to communicate with his staff. With the availability of meeting management tools, things have become easier.

If you are a start-up or even a big corporation that has not incorporated meeting management tools in your information systems, you need to as soon as now. The following is a list of tools you might consider:


Speek is a very user friendly teleconferencing tools. It gets your meeting started as soon as a call is received. What does it have over the other meeting management tools? You do not need to go through the hassle of managing PINs and any other forms of trouble to get your meeting started.

The tool is also able to capture data like the duration of the meeting and the time that each participant took to talk. The other features include call controls and file sharing.

Infinite Conferencing

Infinite conferencing is a fantastic meeting management tool. For one, if you are a new client, you are given a month free trial service. The tool provides a wide array of meeting services like audio conferencing, webcasting, web conferencing and virtual event services. The rates and experience are also out of this world.

Go ToMeeting

Go ToMeeting is yet another meeting management tool that you need to give a shot. The tool facilitates online meetings, desktop sharing and also video conferencing. With this tool, you can meet customers, clients, colleagues and other computer users in real time. The developers have tightened the security of this management app by availing optional passwords and providing encryption. Go ToMeeting is the most flexible and safest meeting management tool.


Skype has managed to earn a good name in the market. The tool has been around for a long a while, and it has never disappointed. The interaction on Skype is exceptional. It is where you can meet and have virtual face-face contact with your staff and colleagues. This makes the meetings more personalized. Skype virtual face-face meetings are indeed a win over the conventional emails and texts.

The platform is also very reliable and comes with several other features. Such include document sharing, video sharing, and even texts.

By incorporating meeting management tools in your business, you will improve the efficiency of your operations and also save on costs.